Government of Alberta

RePower Alberta Launches Across the Province
Building the Green Economy

Sierra Club Prairie and Greenpeace Canada have launched the Province-wide campaign, ‘RePower Alberta: Building the Green Economy’, to spread the word on the growing economic and community benefits of moving to a green economy.

RePower Alberta is calling on the Alberta Government to implement a Green Energy Strategy.

After decades of riding the roller-coaster of the fossil fuel sectors’ boom and bust cycles, the time has come for Alberta to forge a new energy path. Renewable energy resources and green just solutions are ready and waiting to meet our energy demands.

Diversifying our energy economy will provide tens of thousands of new clean and green jobs for Albertans, and has the opportunity to create just solutions to our province’s contribution to the climate crisis.

The government of Alberta, however, continues to drag its heels on introducing real policies, strategies or legislation that would set Alberta on a proactive course of strengthening the province’s position with one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

Building the Green Energy Economy - We know that Albertans agree! In 2009, an Ipsos Reid poll showed that 78% of Albertans prefer that the Alberta Government provide subsidies for Renewable Energy over the Oil and Gas Sector.

Alberta can continue building a strong economy while maintaining a healthy environment for all of us to live in. We call upon Albertans everywhere to raise their voices and demand that the power be put back into our hands!

Check out www.REPOWERALBERTA.ca and please help us spread the word, and sign the petition.

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, believe that the Province is in need of a Green Energy Strategy, and we petition the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government of Alberta to develop said strategy.

We furthermore urge the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government of Alberta to develop the Green Energy Strategy with ensuring the Green Energy Strategy is achieved using truly green energy, through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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