Holly Newstead, Jack Edwards, Robbie Lark, Myra Ellis, and Jennifer Laus

March 18, 2006

The Board of Directors of DDEAF (Deaf Dog Education Action Fund) have reached impasse, gridlock, and complete dysfunction in their ability to manage and run this non-profit organization.

There is failure to hold regular meetings, elections, issue annual reports, maintain records, maintain legal status, acknowledge donations, deposit donations(checks)and respond to members. We feel that the current Board of DDEAF presents a potential harm to the dogs that DDEAF was formed exclusiveley to help.

It is now unimportant why the current dysfunction started. What is important is that this dysfunction has reached such a level of magnitude that DDEAF is in gridlock. It is apparent that the current Board members are unable to move past their historical conflicts and get DDEAF moving again.

The bottom line is that DDEAF, and the dogs intended to benefit, are suffering from this long standing conflict. And since it is impossible to weave through the quagmire of history, all current Board members should be considered responsible for this dysfunction.


We, the undersigned, are asking for the removal of all persons currently on the Board of DDEAF, effective immediately. They will be replaced with a new Board, formed from the ranks of DDEAF members, who will serve until the regular October of 2006 elections.

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