#Neighborhood Living
United Kingdom

All the lifts in Avondale Square Estate need replacing. In particular Procter House and Tovy House they are the ones most likely to break down.

There are 10 - 15 floors in each block, when the lift breaks down elerdly people and mothers with young children have to walk up to 10 floors with shopping and pushchairs.

This is a petiton for the replacement of Lifts in Avondale Square, London SE1 5EZ. In particular the lifts in Procter House and Tovy House. These two lifts are the ones most likely to break down.

During the summer in 2006 there was one particular month when the lift in Procter House broke down 6 times, this usually takes between 2 to 4 days to be repaired.

It is necessary for these lifts to be replaced as there are mothers with young children and elerdly people who live on the higher floors of the tower block and struggle to get up the stairs with their children, pushchairs and shopping. it is not enough to repair them as it breaks down shortly after.

This is a petition to provide residents with a better service.

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