#Local Government
Citizens of Springfield
United States of America

In 2005, less than one percent of DWI's were given to a minor who had been drinking in a bar or nightclub. Not allowing 18-20-year-olds admittance into an establishment where liquor is responsible for sixty percent of the revenue will not hinder underage drinking.

Alternate locations will be sought and found in the form of private parties where peer pressure and the lack of monitoring will cause individuals to indulge themselves who would not have otherwise if they had been in an establishment.

We, the undersigned, request that the Springfield City Council repeal the Bar Ban city ordinance. We do not feel it will be effective in accomplishing the projected goal. The very establishments that were targeted to prevent minor admission are not affected due to the cover charges provided by those minors.

The community of Springfield will be impacted in a negative manner while not decreasing the occurance of underage drinking.

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