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United States of America

In 2012, billions of dollars were donated by We the People of the United States of America to our politicians who sought election to administer our government. But how much was spent on candidates who would actually work for our best interest and institute change?

This is a NON-POLITICAL campaign to demand that the US Congress makes the change required to rebuild America. Our elected officials are not leaders, but puppets working for their puppet master, the Federal Reserve System. A system created whereby a non-governmental, third party comprised of individuals who are not all US citizens, let alone residents, administer and control the US currency. These independent controllers of our currency were given this right by an Act of Congress 99-years ago; an Act which has been amended, modified or altered over 200 times since its inception. Who knows what powers this Act in its current state gives the Fed; the amendments are impossible to follow so one cannot get a clear and concise understanding as to what the Fed is authorized to do for We the People.

The naked and simple truth is the following: The national debt that starts with this Federal Reserve interest is what causes the shortages that make us as a nation need to constantly go over budget in order to do our governmental duties and responsibilities. Keeping ourselves as a nation tied to the Federal Reserve creates debt each and every day it exists without us doing anything.

The Federal Reserve System is a cancer that has poisoned our ability to be the America we all dream of. We were not created to sit, work and live to pay off interest to the Federal Reserve. And yet, we have now bound our children and our children’s children to paying off this interest?

We need to understand that these non-elected, third party Banksters are the controllers of our nation and therefore have become the real puppet masters of our elected officials. Again, these puppet masters are the third party banking members that comprise our current Federal Reserve System, which is an independent banking cartel.

Those bankers who control our currency are the same people who got America into this current mess called the Fiscal Cliff. In fact, they are the current team of bankers who, using the rules of their banking order, created all the recessions and depressions since 1913. And while We the People suffer, this elite group personally profits on all the ups and downs.

An Act of Congress in 1913 created this cartel called the Fed and an Act of Congress today can end it. It’s that simple. The Fed does nothing but take. It contributes nothing to our world except to divide us into two classes, the real 99% and the 1%, where we the 99% live in fear. We allow this game to go on and on. Our Congress is now talking about austerity and how to fix the Fiscal Cliff that actually the Federal Reserve System created. But our leaders’ remedies do not discuss, let alone propose, to remove the cause, the Federal Reserve. We now need to ask - Why is the Fed above us? Why are they untouchable?

Forty-nine years ago in 1963 American President JFK, in his efforts to rebuild our country, was ready to remove the Fed from controlling our currency. This was Kennedy's effort and vision for fighting the War on Poverty. His administration was issuing US Treasury notes interest free to finance the rebuilding of America.

People, understand, the currency in your pocket is a Federal Reserve note which you are entitled to turn into a US Treasury note of equal value if you ask the Treasury to give you one. So in the simplest form, why do we need the Federal Reserve note which has interest attached when we could have a US Treasury note interest free distributed by a US owned and controlled Central Bank?

It is that simple. The Fed is doing the job that the US Constitution says that the US Treasury was created and empowered to perform – to print the paper currency, manufacture the coins and distribute this currency to the public. So we need to ask ourselves, why do we need this independent, third party system called the Federal Reserve to continue to exist.

JFK was actually able to get $2 and $5 US Treasury bills into circulation before he was assassinated. But for his untimely death, the other denominations would have been put into circulation. The War on Poverty would have been financed by this US Treasury interest free currency. We would be living in a different world today if JFK’s campaign against poverty would have been allowed to run its course.

Today, the voting citizens of the United States are polarized more than any time in our nation’s history since our Civil War. We have Republicans and Democrats as well as Independents fighting over how to pay for governmental services. These services can only be paid for with the net monies after the interest debt is first paid to the Federal Reserve. This interest debt is paid each and every year plus all other costs and expenses the Federal Reserve members say they incur. They then give the government what is left over to run the country.

Now our public services, aspects of life that we ALL need to survive as a community are being reduced to nothing while the Federal Reserve collects the income tax first. We do not even question this entire procedure before this interest bill is paid. This Federal Reserve interest for some reason has never become a focal point within our Congress to solve the problem. Instead, the debt is the main focus of our elected officials, and we say it’s time to focus on the real problem, those who caused the Fiscal Cliff and the exponentially mounting debt.

We, the undersigned, choose to unite as Americans, regardless of our political affiliation, and understand we must own and control our currency as one nation in order to be truly free.

We must change the United States' banking system NOW.

We, the undersigned, hereby demand that the US Congress repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and all its amendments, modifications, alterations and successors and create a US National Bank where our treasury will deposit its newly minted coins and printed US Treasury paper currency bank notes.

This new US National Bank will distribute and administer a new US Currency as a governmental service without any fees, interest, penalties, discounting or markups of any kind.

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