The Australia Act was created in 1986 by the then Hawke Labor Australian Federal Government; and it was deliberately used as a 'tool' to alter (2) major provisions of the Australian Constitution, viz:
(1) Termination of appeals to Her Majesty in Council; and
(2) Termination of power of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to legislate for Australia.

However, Section 128 of the Australian Constitution clearly states that the constitution can't be altered without the approval of the Australian electors; and as the necessary approval was not obtained by the Hawke Government, the establishment of the Australia Act, 1986 is both: -
(3) a breach of the provisions of Section 128 of the Australian Constitution; and
(4) an act of treason;
and, as a result, the Australia Act, 1986, should be repealed.

We, the undersigned, state that parts of the Australia Act, 1986, contravene the provisions of Section 128 of the Australian Constitution; and, as such, we request that the Australian Federal Government repeal the Australia Act, 1986.

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