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Have you ever heard of the 1943 Current Payment Tax Act? Have you ever had taxes withheld from your paycheck? The 1943 Current Payment Tax Act (CPTA) is the law that allows our government to do that. With this law our government gets paid before we do! Prior to this law people paid their taxes once a year but the taxes due for the present year were paid the following year. For example the taxes someone owes for 2009 before this law was passed would be paid in 2010. Can you imagine what it would do for our economy if you put the money you owed for taxes in the bank and earned interest on it for a year?

The Current Payment Tax Act was passed for the benefit of our government. Automatic withholding was passed so that taxpayers would pay their taxes on time. It had been a plan of how our Treasury Department wanted our taxes to be collected ever since the Civil War. An automatic withholding system was also promoted as a way to help make the Federal income tax permanent. By 1943 the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the income tax had only been around for thirty years. The BIR, created in 1913 with the ratification of the XVI Amendment to our Constitution, opposed the plan for the automatic withholding of taxes.

What has happened to our government since the 1943 Current Payment Tax Act was passed? Our government has grown! Why has it grown? When a business has an unending flow of money it grows. The automatic withholding of taxes from our paychecks has created an unending flow of money to our government. No wonder our government has grown! How can we stop this? Your signing this petition will help. Please sign it today!

Our government should not be paid before we are!

Our Founding Fathers fought our war of independence because their taxes were too high. Our taxes are much higher than they were in 1776.

That is why we, the undersigned, call on Congress to repeal the 1943 Current Payment Tax Act.

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