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Having to work to support a Family Is not a Crime.Sleeping is Natural thing..All humans will get sleepy or tired when working at nught.It is cruel to sent an individual person to Jail just for sleeping.If by giving a couple of hundreds increment justify sending a person to jail it means our law has fail us.
A person that do 12 hour job not inclusive of travel time is bound to feel tired not to mention doing 6 days job.It does not mean that the person has to sleep while on the job but to enact this Law snd not understsnding the life of security officer that had to do 6 days works and 22 to 14 hours of work each day is unfair for tbe security officer.

We the undersign urge the Law Minister to repeal the unreasonable law that sentence Father,Mothet,Son,Daughter and the Grandparents to Jail For Sleeping.

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