#Law Reform
House of Parliment, Bahamas

April 22, 2006

This petition is in response to the growing juvenile delinquency problem in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. There are numerous cases in the Juvenile Court system with no resolve.

This may be due to the Penal Code 110; which states: "A blow or other force, not in any case extending to a wound or grievous harm, may be justified for the purpose of correction, as follows-
(1) a parent may correct his or her legitimate or illegitimate child, being under sixteen years of age, or any guardian or person acting as a guardian, his ward, being under sixteen years of age, for misconduct or disobedience to any lawful command;

This petition addresses the age of sixteen; which gives rights to those over sixteen; but under eighteen years of age, the legal age for being responsible for ones self.

Penal Code 110 section 1 should be changed from age sixteen to age eighteen.

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