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Federal Government/Law Enforcement.
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In 1994, the world bears witness to the tragic sexual murder of seven year old Megan Kanka at the hands of a neighbor who was a convicted sex offender.

The law that was named after her bore good intentions, but sadly, the original intent of Megan's law is being abused by forcing not only the most dangerous sex offenders, but anyone convicted of a "crime" related to sex to register as a sex offender, where information about their lives can be made public, thus making employment, housing and many other rights we all take for granted difficult, if not impossible in many cases for the "offender" in question.

Everyone from the adult who was lied to by an adolescent sex partner concerning her age, to the person whose great crime was streaking or urinating in a public park, ALL are considered sex offenders and subject to the same registration laws that pedophiles and rapists are.

Again, this was never the intent of the law and it must be stopped! Don't think that this couldn't happen to you or someone you love.

We, the undersigned, call on both the federal and local governments to repeal Megan's law.

It is a law whose original intent has been abused to justify persecuting those for whom it was never intended, ergo, for true justice to be done it must be repealed.

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