#Civil Rights
State of Florida Legislation office
United States of America

Beginning, Tuesday, June 30, 2009 Florida law requires drivers and their passengers to wear their seatbelts or risk getting a ticket.

Under the new seatbelt law, a Florida law enforcement officer will have a legal right to pull over any automobile and ticket those not wearing their seatbelts. No other type of violation will be necessary for officers to make a traffic stop.

The most recent fine amount in Leon County Florida is $123.00 and varies across the state.

We are asking to have Florida Statute 316.614 Safety belt usage, revised in order to eliminate section 4: A, B as this law is seen as an unnecessary infringement on the citizen's of Florida rights.

As legal adults, we should be able to choose to practice our own desired level of personal safety and traffic stops and citations should not be issued primarily for the reason of not wearing a seat belt.

As an adult, choosing not to wear your seat belt does not endanger the lives of your passengers or other drivers on the road, and therefore should not be considered a traffic offense. WE find this law to be unconstitutional and was an unrepresented legislation that was designed to increase state revenues and has little, if any impact, on motor vehicle operator safety.

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