#Civil Rights
Maryland, New York, Guyana
United States of America

I am an American citizen and my name is Marcia Richards. My family and I have been political prisoners right here in the U.S. for the past 23 years with no end in sight. During the 23 agonizing years, here are some of the cruelties we have been subjected to by the U.S. Government:
There are illegally placed cameras in our homes and vehicles. Our phone calls are monitored. Our computers and all other electronics – bugged and manipulated at the government’s whims. Our social media accounts are also controlled – all business transactions, regardless of the agency, including but not limited to: bank accounts, public storage, gas companies, electric companies, rental offices, mortgage companies, schools, financial aid, nonprofits, charities, social service, doctors’ offices, hospitals, lawyers’ offices, therapists’ offices, pharmacies, gyms, religious institutions such as churches or mosques, employers, phone companies, car insurance companies….
Our homes have been routinely broken into, property stolen and vandalized, with special emphasis on evidence we may have accumulated to prove the crimes being committed against us! Our vehicles are constantly targeted for sabotage!

The government sets the price for all of our services, notwithstanding the agency in question. In the process, they have stolen tens of thousands of dollars from us! Through their price-fixing they were able to illegally disconnect our electricity for four months, and followed through with 2 of the dozens of illegal evictions we fought and were able to block, not to mention the dozens of disconnection notices for our electric, gas and water bill due to their price-fixing!
Repeatedly set up by police! False arrests on bogus charges! Held at gun point for 12 minutes in suspicious near-kidnapping incident! Followed and harassed mercilessly in public by strangers!

Repeated physical and verbal assaults/ harassment at work by co-workers, management and paid “customers” Repeatedly set-up by co-workers and management! “Fired” over 20 times after refusing to resign, which is what the harassment was designed to produce! Kept purposely chronically underemployed or unemployed to keep us poor and defenseless. Around-the-clock harassment/ death threats and verbal assaults from paid “neighbors” and strangers! Constantly threatened with extremely large mobs of “aggressive thugs”, large Pit Bull, or heavy police presence!
We have been routinely poisoned like lab rats or guinea pigs – then denied proper medical care when we go to medical facilities for help! Our medical records are routinely and shamelessly falsified, (as is the case with our bank transaction history or our bills) to keep their crimes against humanity being committed against us from being documented!

Every single area of our waking lives is under their full jurisdiction! We are like chattel slaves, absent the plantation! And yes, we are routinely targeted with advanced energy weapons, leaving burn marks, cuts etc on our bodies.
We are surrounded by impostors and paid informants, only there is nothing to inform because we are simply living our lives—therefore, an illegal longitudinal study, illegal social experiment of some sort – but not a legal matter, except as it relates to the crimes being committed against us!

To date, we are yet to be charged with a single. We certainly cannot be charged with an offense that can hold up in a democratic court! Indeed, we cannot be charged with any crimes at all for that matter, because the crimes are being committed against us and our children! We are yet to commit a single crime!

We the people stand in one accord with the Richards family in our demand that the government of the United States of America cease and desist from harassing and abusing this innocent family! After 23 years of illegal chattel slavery, malevolence, wanton disregard for their lives, civil rights, human rights and collective punishment, justice is long overdue!
1. We demand a public explanation and apology!
2. We demand that the U.S. Government STOP spreading/ blacklisting the Richards family members’ names!
3. We demand that every allegation or knowingly false charge be removed from their names!
4. We demand that the Richards family be made whole through reparation, security guarantees for their future, and that they be left to live their lives – free from the government’s influence, manipulation or control!

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