Coastal Carolina Athletic Administration
United States of America

The Coastal Carolina Soccer Field is the home of the Men's and Women's soccer teams. Not only is this where both teams play their home games, but this is also where BOTH teams are required to practice.

Coastal Carolina has a proud soccer tradition and the Men's team is enjoying success on a National level. The only thing holding back both teams right now is the soccer facility. Just two weeks until preseason starts and half of the field is bare ground and sand.

This has got to change in order for both teams to be successful, and in order for the administration to not be embarrassed when other teams come to play at Coastal.

We, the undersigned, call on the Coastal Carolina Athletic Administration to repair the Coastal Carolina Soccer Field and create a playing surface that does not hinder the ability of both the men's and women's team players.

A regular Top 25 Division I program deserves a top class facility.

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The Repair the Coastal Soccer Game Field petition to Coastal Carolina Athletic Administration was written by Scott Angevine and is in the category Sports at GoPetition.