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Marshall County Indiana County Comissioners
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The roads in Marshall County Indiana have been deteriorating and have not been maintained or repaired within the recommended time frames in accordance with MACOG (the organization Marshall County utilizes to evaluate roads). Many roads are lacking repair, others have been removed from their chip and seal or paved state to a gravel road. Other roads that have been repaired have not been repaired properly.

There is no approved road plan to repair or fix the roads, and some roads that have been returned to gravel from a chip and seal state have no date in which they will be re-chip and sealed. Citizens want to live and have the comforts of the 21st century and are being expected to give up the lifestyle they are accustomed to, not to mention the safety factor of roads not being in appropriate and good condition.

Taxes continue to increase, but the tax dollars being collected seem to be going for major new road projects and not for maintaining and repairing the large volume of roads already in disrepair. All Marshall County Roads can be affected by this lack of maintenance. Other roads may turn back to gravel in the future.

We the undersigned call on the Marshall County Indiana Commissioners to return all previously chip and sealed roads that have been returned to gravel back to their chip and sealed state or paved state, to approve a road plan that can be followed and implemented immediately and for roads to be maintained with an approved maintenance schedule so that roads will not continue to deteriorate or have to be returned to gravel from a paved or chip and sealed state.

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