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Scarborough Borough Council
United Kingdom

March 02, 2006

For several years I have heard in conversation complaint after complaint from so many individuals about Scarborough Borough Council's(SBC)failure to reopen Whitby's east pier extension.

Recently I brought the issue more to people's attention through discussion on various debate type websites on the internet. It became ever more apparent that a large number of people from Whitby and across the north east were unhappy about the situation regarding the east pier.

This Petition is my attempt at bringing all those voices of complaint together and presenting them to SBC.

The bridge that provides access to the east pier extension at Whitby was removed after storm damage. Since that time the pier has been inaccessible to the many individuals who once enjoyed using the pier.

Given the huge amount of money spent on coastal defenses in Scarborough we find the current delays in reopening the pier unacceptable.

We would like to see the bridge replaced as soon as is possible and are therefore collecting signatures supporting this request which will be sent to Scarborough Borough Council.

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