Robbie Monaghan and Eoin Kinsella can cure the virus if they join powers. They are talented young Irish men who were destined to create a boy band together and entertain the people of this world in these very difficult times. The good people of Galway have brought it upon me to put this out in the world and it lies in my deepest interest to get these boys together no matter what. They have both experience in the music area and are believed to be even more powerful if put together.

With this whole corona outbreak, I think the only thing the world needs is a boy band. But not just some boy band. The two chosen ones have been Robbie Monaghan and Eoin Kinsella. I believe their teamwork is essential to solving this crisis. The good people of Galway have definately seen the two busking in town and last year, Robbie tried to shoot his shot in front of Simon Cowell alongside one of the Pussycat Dolls. Today we are all gathered here today to make this miracle come true and let the boys join their powers. Please do the world some good and support this charity. Thank you for your service to the country.

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