#Parks and play areas
East Cheshire Council, Macclesfield
United Kingdom

The Hall Grove play area in Tytherington is in need of updating. It has not has any new equipment for around 25 years. The existing equipment is unsuitable for smaller children. There are a number of hazards including the flooring, the fencing and some of the equipment.

I have two young children and live very close to this park and use it very rarely as I find it depressing and dull. There is very little to do, especially in comparison to some of the other parks in the nearby areas. It is lacking some of the very basic pieces of equipment you would expect to find in a modern park.

A renovated park would equal enjoyment, fresh air and exercise for a large number of children living on this estate and also children who attend the local primary school.

We, the undersigned, petition the Council to support our request for a new Hall Grove play area. The current play area is outdated and in parts, dangerous. It has not been updated for around 25 years.

Much of the larger equipment is unsuitable for smaller children due to the many open sides. Generally, the park is tatty and uninteresting. It lacks some of the most basic pieces of equipment, such as a roundabout or a good climbing structure. The flooring is in need of repair and hazardous to toddlers. The mix of rubber flooring and grass with a raised wooden edging next to concrete makes it very easy for small children to trip and fall. The benches are rusty. The gates are heavy and dangerous. Toddlers can get through some of the gaps in the current fencing.

The park requires rubber flooring throughout for safety and all year usage of the park. The safety of the fencing and gates needs consideration. The benches need replacing. New playground equipment needs to be installed to suit a range of ages and include the most basic pieces pf equipment.

The park is situated on an estate with many families with young children and next to a school of nearly 400 pupils. A renovated area would result in a well-used park.

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