#Students' Rights
CUNY School of Professional Studies
United States of America

CUNY's School of Professional Studies will not be renewing the contract of Carol Robbins, who has fought for student's rights.

In addition, our school is opting for online-only courses for the General Education courses, as the only option.

To whom it may concern:

CUNY School of Professional Studies' Students would like to thank you for your time. It has come to our attention that upcoming changes will be affecting us soon, and we'd appreciate your reconsideration. The two transitions that we’re concerned about are: Online-only General Education courses instead of the classroom environment and keeping Carol Robbins in her position as Director of Record for the B.A. program.

Online courses are a great fit for some students, yet not all. A kinesthetic learner who requires all senses to learn will have a great amount of difficulty taking advantage of an online course. A classroom setting is the perfect environment for students who are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Students/Professors in a classroom may interact and learn from one another in group projects and discussions where gestures may be seen, tones may be heard, and points may be understood.

Online-courses should be an option, not an obligation. As students we wouldn’t want our Professors' jobs to be negatively affected due to this major change. Their input, ideas, and knowledge will not be as beneficial in a virtual setting. Contributions and dedication to their vocation made throughout the years cannot be appreciated online.

Additionally, we'd like Carol Robbins' contract to be renewed since she has made a tremendous impact on students for the CUNY School of Professional Studies. She has fought for us as students, on the essentials beneficial to our success.

Once again, we appreciate your time and consideration for this matter. I believe these transitions will affect many of us. We hope that you reevaluate these upcoming changes and accept our appeal, as these changes will affect everyone.


Students of CUNY School of Professional Studies.

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