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On May 24, 2010, Mr. Donald Dye was awarded the Top Teacher Award on “Live with Regis & Kelly”, a popular and nationally syndicated television program. As a Top 5 finalist, Mr. Dye amassed the highest number of votes, which were posted online from various parts of the world.

Since winning the award, Mr. Dye has inspired and brought the city of Belmond and other local communities together, restoring hope and passion. He has restored a strong sense of community pride amongst current residents and former residents alike.

As a citizen of Belmond, Mr. Dye has established himself as a living legend. A city street in Belmond, Iowa should be named in his honor. Please help us support renaming 10th Avenue NE (between 3rd Street and 7th Street) to Don Dye Drive and sign the petition below.

**Suggested Street Names: Don Dye Drive; Don Dye Street; Don Dye Way**

**Addendum to Petition (5/31/10) - If renaming 10th Avenue NE is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances, then assigning 10th Avenue NE with the honorary name, Don Dye Drive, will satisfy the undersigned's request on this petition as well. If this were to occur, 10th Avenue NE would retain its formal name, but the high school and residents along the street would have the option to receive mail using the new street name, Don Dye Drive**

We, the undersigned, support the Belmond City Council's decision to name a Belmond street after Mr. Donald Dye. We support renaming 10th Avenue NE (between 3rd Street and 7th Street) to Don Dye Drive, which is the single city block adjacent to the Belmond/Klemme High School and its parking lot.

Mr. Donald Dye has been employed with the Belmond school district for the past 37 years. He has devoted his life to teaching and helping others. During the time when Mr. Donald Dye was announced as one of ten semi-finalists for the Top Teacher Award on “Live with Regis & Kelly” to being announced as the overall winner, a grassroots movement unlike anything the city of Belmond has ever witnessed in the past emerged and rapidly spread throughout the United States and to other parts of the world. A renewed sense of community pride has awakened among current and former Belmond residents. Belmond is now nationally recognized for its school district and for having one of the top educators in the United States.

Mr. Donald Dye has inspired and touched the lives of many current and former students over the course of the past 37 years while teaching in the Belmond School District. He has served on many boards, community events, and has helped with many fundraisers for students or people in the community suffering from cancer, needing organ transplants, or other crisis. He is a United Methodist church member where he plays the organ and sings in the choir.

Mr. Donald Dye is compassionate, unselfish, and takes great pride in his community. He clearly showed how much he loves the community of Belmond when he appeared as a finalist on the “Live with Regis & Kelly” show. He portrayed the city of Belmond and the school district in a positive and glowing light. Mr. Dye honors all interview requests because he cherishes every opportunity to promote Belmond. He shared his Top Teacher Award with the community and repeatedly insisted, “It’s not about me. It’s about you!”

Mr. Donald Dye has always been considered a legend amongst his many students, former students, colleagues, citizens, and friends. As the Top Teacher Award winner, Mr. Dye has clearly established himself as a living legend from Belmond, IA.

By renaming 10th Ave NE as Don Dye Drive, the City of Belmond will be honoring Mr. Donald Dye and his 37 years of service as a teacher, community leader, and outstanding citizen. Don Dye Drive will remind every citizen to “celebrate the day”. It will permanently represent Mr. Dye's legacy and will remind citizens that anything is possible; even their wildest dreams. Don Dye Drive will represent community spirit and pride, which has sprung to new life since Mr. Dye was awarded the Top Teacher Award on the “Live with Regis & Kelly” show. It is a historic, significant, and immortal moment for the city of Belmond. Don Dye Drive will establish a lasting tribute for the Belmond community to cherish forever.

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