Before I say anything please realise that this is NOT a petition against Facebook as an organisation, I am merely making this petition in order to protect its users.

Many people have been shocked to watch a video of a woman being decapitated slowly and painfully with a knife by a group of terrorists. I am unsure of what origin this video is from or which terrorist group it is from, all I know is that the person who posted it was a "Facebook-famous" boy called 'Freddy Guidi.'

I did some further research and found a page which defined "Beheading videos" claiming that "You don't see these videos anymore; terrorists have realized that this doesn't help their cause." I wish that this was true.

As I said earlier, I have nothing at all against Facebook as an organisation! I love Facebook and I don't know where I’d be without it for entertainment, a place where I can talk to all of my friends for free! I made this petition in order to keep its users safe. The thought of my 13 year old sister being able to watch that video horrifies me! I came across the video after I watched my close friends face turn from a mixture of horror and disgust to uncontrollable sobbing when she had found it on her news feed and started to watch it whilst I was still on webcam to her. I was also able to access this video and only managed to watch half of it before feeling faint, sick and tearful...neither of us had been subscribed to this Facebook Famous boy. The fact that I was one of many to report it and post an angry comment also sadly means that my activity would have shown up on all of my Facebook friend's news feeds.

Now here comes the shocking part... I reported it only to receive this message after Facebook had checked it;
“You reported Freddy Guidi's video for containing graphic violence.
Status- Video not removed
Details- Thanks for your report. We reviewed the video you reported, but found it doesn't violate Facebook's Community Standard on graphic violence, which includes depicting harm to someone or something, threats to the public's safety, or theft and vandalism."

As a loyal Facebook user for the past 3 years, I am convinced that this is some kind of mistake. However, the friend who I mentioned before and several other friends had also reported this video, only to receive the same message in return.

My friends and I are all shocked from the graphic horror displayed on our Facebook news feeds. Children as young as 13 are allowed to sign up for Facebook accounts, if Mark Zuckerberg himself saw what was posted on his successful website then I’m sure he’d feel the same way as I do about this situation. This may be a spark of terrorism and there may be more and worse to come on more and more social networking websites.

We must remove this gross, horrific act from public! Facebook is somewhere for people to enjoy themselves, not to be exposed to videos of acts of grotesque violence inflicted on innocent people, some of which, according to that website, are civilians.
Sign the petition to “Remove violent beheading terrorist threat videos off Facebook for good” today!

We, the undersigned, call on Facebook to review any reports to remove the video posted by 'Freddy Guidi' and any other pages/users who have posted 'Beheading videos' in order to protect its users, the families of the victims and to prevent the spread of terrorist threats unnecessarily published on social networks.

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