Provincial Government of Punjab, The President, The Prime Minister

Basant is a festival observed with great enthusiasm in the sub-continent (India and Pakistan) way before independence and until 2007 in Pakistan too.

Basant is associated with kite flying. And the Government of Pakistan, particularly the Provincial Government of Punjab has put a complete ban on the manufacturing of string (for kite flying), ban on the making of kites and banned kite flying altogether.

These days the government seems to make laws only which suit themselves.

Basant, when asked from not-so-fortunate people, stated it as their, PRIME form of entertainment. They, unlike the rich, do not have the facility of Broadband Internet, Wi-Fi, the poor don’t have HDTV, DVD players, Laptops, Gaming consoles etc.

Few years back, the kids could be seen buying some string for 5 PKR (local currency) and a kite for a mere 2 rupees, and that was their entertainment. A way to relax from all the worries and anxieties of the day.

Now in 2009, that can't be seen no more.

In addition to a form of entertainment, Basant and kite flying was a source of income for many. The women, (as in a society such as Pakistan) who faced opposition as to go out and work, easily made kites and earned a sustainable income from the comfort of their home.

Furthermore, Basant added much foreign revenue in the Country's foreign reserves. Every year countless foreigners would be visiting Pakistan, just to be a part of such an event. Hotels across the major cities, particularly Lahore were booked full. Rooms were short listed, rooftops booked out days before, for the kite flying.

Basant in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore, my city, could be described as a mega event. It was the center of attention for people of all ages, young or old, everyone was in it. This event was the biggest of them all, you name it Diwali, Holi, and you name it. Basant alone was grander than any other festival celebrated in Asia, or for that matter in the World itself. It was humongous, ginormous; words surely don’t do justice.

I appeal to the people in charge, to kindly hear my plea, and uplift this ban, so that the unfortunate ones may have some form of entertainment and the ones skilled in making kites and string can have some income.

We, the undersigned, call on the President of Pakistan, the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Punjab to uplift the ban on Basant, and allow the people to celebrate this event in 2009.

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