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This petition is to remove Seanzviewent from Youtube fallowing years of antics that consist of bullying others, scams, indecent exposure, fake news, lying to subscribers, abusising the gofundme.com website with false campaigns and other antics that clearly voilate the terms of service on Youtube. Yet as he continues to voilate the terms of service on Youtube he continues to have his channel not taken down. Here are the links to his antics.

1. Indecent exposure. Awhile back he had a series of problems with a former Youtuber named Brian Crazy. One thing led to another and one day for reasons only Sean knows he decided to expose himself to Brian Crazy by showing his testicals and directed it at him, his wife and kids at the time. Here is the video on a website others created to show what he did.


This antic alone should have had his channel shut down and he should have been removed permantly from Youtube and social media as indecent exposure is considered a crime. But thats not all he did.

He has abused the gofundme.com website with false campaigns and raised money for things that he didnt have that were emergencies. Godfundme.com is a website devoted to helping people with emergencies. Sean wanted money for a studio which isnt a emergency situation. And he has also tried to charge people for shout outs on his youtube channel.

Gofundme.com campaign link

Links to youtubers exposing his gofundme.com scams

Video links

He had money in prior gofundme.com accounts and then those accounts were mysteriously closed and he opened new ones but the money went missing. And it was never used on the things he needed which is considered scams.

He has also asked for donations during times when he was struggling for money and said he would become homeless and going through debt yet managed to do three faked giveways promising to give out things that cost alot of money

Video links

Claming he would become homeless or was in debt

videos asking for donations

He has also made up false stories claiming youtubers were threatening him to lie to subscribers and gain attention on his channel.

Some of the other stuff he has done that was offensive he has profited off the death of people. A Youtuber passed away and he did three videos monetized using that person's name to gain attention on his channel and used his death for finanical despair.

Video links

He didnt know that Youtuber as he said in the video but used that person who died as a means to gain money and attention for his channel which can be seen as a antic that is just as bad as anything he has done.

His reporting on wrestling news also has got him a bad reputation as he dosnt give a source to the information he speaks of and he uses deceptive titles to gain viewers like Cm Punk returns to WWE then in the video will say will he come back to WWE. And when he cant give a source people look into the claims he makes and finds out its news he makes up for views on Youtube.

He has time in and time again disrpespected people on Youtube and set bad exmaples to his children subscribers with antics that no one should tolerate or put up with. He has been reported many times and while his antics on Yotuube do voilate the terms of service Youtube wont remove him. What does that say about Youtube support?
This petition hopefully once it gains enough support can be submitted to the right parties and decision makers who can enforce it and the right example can be made with the termination of his youtube channel. If this petition goes through the fallowing action needs to be made.

1. Termination of his Youtube channel.
2. A IP ban so he can return to Youtube.
3. Shut down his gofundme.com campaigns and have a ban from that website.
4. A criminal investigation into campaign fraud and misue of donations he asked for.
5. A public apology to the family of Cody Brainerd over Sean using his name to gain attention and finanical gain off his name as well as apologize to the people he lied to and wronged on Youtube.

This petition is very important and should be taken seriously. How many of you know someone who has done these types of antics and has continued to get away with it. How many times has people like Seanzviewent done this types of stuff and never been held accountable for his antics?

Im hoping you all will see the video links and antics of his and support this petition. If you have kids who look up to Seanzviewent and support the guy how long until they turn into him?

Support this petition and make the right choice.

This petition is being created to remove youtuber Seanzviewent from Youtube fallowing antics for years that have gained him a bad reputation as a Youtuber and as a person outisde of Youtube. The antics listed are reasons why he needs to be taken off Youtube. Please see them and make the right choice. He has broken the terms of service on Youtube that are listed.

1. Indecent exposure
2. Donation scams
3. Fake giveaways
4. Threatening other Youtubers
5. Lying to kid subscribers over things that didnt happen
6. False flagged channels down
7. Made false claims to gain donations
8. Made death threats to other youtubers
9. Continued to mislead viewers with false titles.
10. Profited off peoples deaths

There has a point to where people need to stop these antics and say no more.

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