I'm asking the music industry to remove the royalties from published music during this pandemic
I’d like to ask a huge favour of the music industry. I am a fitness instructor teaching Zumba, FitSteps and Line Dancing. I am self employed and teach 5 classes per week. At the moment, everybody in my industry is finding it almost impossible to carry on teaching. Having struggled and finally managed to use the online platforms to hold classes virtually, we find that we cannot play any published music unless it is royalty-free. There is very little out there which is royalty free and most of it isn’t very good. Zumba and FitSteps are trying to help with PPL free music, but there isn’t a great selection, and there is none suitable for Line Dancing.
I am fortunate that I don’t have to charge anything for my online classes – I am a pensioner as are most of my ladies. I am doing these classes to try to keep people fit and motivated. It gives them structure to their days, looking forward to engaging with a group of people and dancing. It is especially important for people like me who live alone and may not speak to another person from one day to the next.
So I’m asking if the rules on royalties could be removed while we are isolated in our homes, so we can bring people together and maintain or improve our fitness levels, which will also improve people’s immune systems to fight off this or any other virus that may come along.

We, the undersigned call on the music industry to relax the rules on playing published music during the present pandemic.

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