#Neighborhood Living
Bluffton University
United States of America

1. Students residing in the residence halls are adults, ranging from 18 to 22+ years of age, therefore capable of adult decisions.

2. Colleges are adult institutions, and the placement of such restrictions on the adults as if they were adolescents (minors) or children goes against the college’s intended purpose, which is to prepare young adults for the real world (College Dorm Curfews http://www.stateuniversity.com/blog/permalink/College-Dorm-Curfews-Useless-and-Contradictory-Restrictions.html ).

3. Even if closed hours still remain in effect, students conduct their lives as they wish to do so, virtually making the rule unproductive, which encourages students to break the honor code.

4. Open hall hours strongly encourage a community of respect between the genders, and the students at Bluffton University are able to carry on this sense of community and respect full time.

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