All Utility & Power Co.s and State Public Utility Commissions
United States of America

A large number of Utility & Power companies along with various state PUC's have set extreemly low and restrictive caps on the amount of Renewable Energy that can be generated in there areas by Solar Electricity Photvoltaics (P.V)systems.

Many Utilities allow less than 1% of their Peak Electric Production to come from Photovoltaic systems. These caps need to be totally removed or greatly increased. By eliminating or greatly changing these ridiculous restrictions, proven Photovoltaic technology will benefit all of us environmentally and economically.

Let us all give P.V. a much overdue and highly anticipated opportunity to harness free, clean, abundant energy from the Sun on our homes and businesses thus becomming Part of the Solution to really begin the good fight against the realities of Global Warming.

We, the undersigned, call on any or all Utility/ Power generation companies or Cooperatives, state Public Utility Commissions and State Governments to totally eliminate or greatly increase any or all caps on Solar Photovoltaic energy systems currently under net metering programs now.

We stand unified until we have complete unrestricted or acceptable increases on State-wide net metering for All utility types beginning immediately.

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