#Children's Rights
All concerned citizens

We have a responsibility to protect children from harm. Sayno4kids believes that exposing children to pornographic material negatively impacts on their self esteem and sexual development.

Children have the right to enter their local store without being confronted by highly sexualised material. This petition gives you a voice on this issue - help us change the law to protect children from involuntary exposure to pornography.

Petition to the Standing Committee of Attorneys General (SCAG) Censorship Ministers and whomever else it may concern:

As citizens concerned about the wellbeing of children, we object to the display of pornographic publications (including magazines such as People and The Picture) in front of minors in milk bars, service stations, newsagents, supermarkets, etc.

We strongly oppose the law that allows pornographic material to be placed in front of children. We request that you amend the law to support our view that pornography should not be displayed amongst general publications (such as newspapers, women’s & children’s magazines, etc), and that children MUST be protected from exposure to all pornographic publications by ensuring this material is placed out of children’s access and view.

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