#Neighborhood Living
Fraser coast regional council

One of the basic rights that members of our society enjoy is the right to the use and enjoyment of their property.

The Queensland Parliament introduced nuisance laws as a result of amendments to the Environmental Protection Regulations 1998 (Qld). These laws give powers to local governments to investigate and deal with complaints relating to residential premises.

Investigating officers have the power to issue warning notices, abatement notices and on the spot fines of up to $600. Barking dogs are the greatest nuisance to the residents in and around James Street Maryborough and will no longer be an accepted part of neighbourhood life in the area. Local residents have put up with barking dogs longer than necessary and now wish the council to step in.

We, the undersigned, call on the Fraser Coast Regional council to eliminate nuisance dogs from within and around James Street Maryborough.

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