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Government of Pakistan

We are proud citizens of Pakistan and we understand that this nation was built on the basis of promoting Islamic values and teachings. Today we see that our nation has succumbed to the values and teachings of a westernized world which truly opposes the idea of preaching of Islamic teachings, values and ethics.

The ethics and values are totally different and opposite from that of what the Prophet and Allah has taught us via Qur’an and Sunnah. These also include the acceptance of Music as a norm and objectifying women for economic gains. Large signboards decorating the great streets and main roads of cities of Pakistan featuring Pakistan Idol, advertisements for various products and dramas being broadcast on many tv channels are promoting immorality and obscenity among the youth. Not to forget the effect that such kind of things has on the kids as well. Kids raised in such an environment will be far away from the teachings of religion and may even stop seeing women as a symbol of respect. Our youth is the future of this beloved county and such activities are destroying the morality of this capable youth.

Our youth is talented enough but the talents are being directed towards the wrong side where they are just wasted. We see destruction of morals in the youth of today. Cases of girl abductions and other brutal things have increased so much in the past few years. according to a report, at least 1601 women were killed in Pakistan in the name of honor or for other reasons in 2013.

Therefore, If you want to see Pakistan to be known as the “Only Country that was gained for the preaching and practicing Islamic religion” and if you want your younger Brothers and Sisters, your kids, your family members to be in a decent, moral, safe society; we demand that signboards that promote anti-Islamic things in the country should be removed immediately as they are destroying the youth in a very incurable manner.

We, the undersigned, demand the removal of signboards in Pakistan featuring Pakistan Idol, and other shows that promote immodesty, immorality and indecency.

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