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Facebook has recently added a cap to the number of people one person can add to an event. Facebook is the number one source of online promotion right now, so this negatively effects everyone involved in a major way, especially those of us in the music/entertainment community who need to keep their friends and fans updated about their upcoming shows/events, AND those of us who want to stay informed about what events are happening in their area.

By limiting the number of people an individual can reach per event, that will directly impact and lessen the number of people informed and the number of people who would potentially attend an event. Thus, potentially directly hurting their community economically.

There was already a feature in place on Facebook to allow users block events from a particular user who might be abusing the system and/or who they don't want to receive events from. Thus there was no need for this cap and it only hurts everyone involved.

Please join us in a petition to change back the option to not limit the number of friends a user can invite to an event.

By signing this petition, you support the effort to allow users to invite their friends to events without limitations. This helps the event creators, musicians, entertainers, promoters, etc not potentially lose money from Facebook's limitations AND it helps keep the users informed so they don't miss out on events they may not get invited to due to the cap.

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