Department of Education
United States of America

We petition the government to work with the Department of Education to remove the EOGs/EOCs. The State and Federal governments should be the ones in charge of students' education. It would also help the economy because then you wouldn't need a "Department of Education".

Under the "No child left behind" Act students have been pressured to only pass EOG/EOC, have had courses on how to pass them and even students scores affect how much (if any) of a pay increase teachers get.

We Demand that EOG/EOC be removed and speak for the overwhelming majority of Americans that want to get rid of EOG/EOC.

We the taxpayers funding the Department of Education, demand that the said tests be removed. Students in our schools stress over the test way too much which does cause problems in our schools.

There are a lot of advantages in taking away these tests. Teachers' pay. Teachers should get paid on how much they teach instead of how many students pass. Teachers could make there own learning environments and testing environments.

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