#Animal Welfare

Help to stop the abuse of begging where lots of elephants in the cities of Thailand are involved. Elephants that are ripped away from their social environment, elephants of all ages who are roaming around in heavily polluted, overcrowded and noisy cities for, I estimate, at least 10 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bad food, sometimes food-poisoning, drugs, wounds, no proper bathing, drinking from posh fountains in front of shopping malls or hotels and being “cared” for and eating at hide-aways on rubbish-belts. And don’t forget that the name “elephant” appears at lists mentioning the top ten of the most deadly animals!

See some photos concerning this abuse:


The undersigned ask the Thai authorities to (re)enforce laws and rules to finally get rid of this abuse of the Symbol of Thailand. These great elephants don't belong in polluted and overcrowded cities.

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