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Please join me in signing this petition. Trump's star was removed because of his immigration policy and not everyone agrees with his stance. So why is it okay for these two celebrities who raped multiple women to have their star proudly displayed for all to see? This isn't about what political party you are with, this is about getting these two rapist Stars off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, shameful. Let's show that is not just good for one and not the other but it's good for all if one star needs to go then these two need to go!

Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey's Hollywood star should be removed since the people want to remove Donald Trump's star due to people not agreeing to his immigration policy. I don't understand why it's okay for rapists to have their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Please join me in signing my petition to have these two stars removed not for political reasons, but for justice for the woman that are the true victims.

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