Australian Government

There has been a steady rise in ADHD, aspergers and autism over the years. Children diagnosed with learning and behavioural issues are on the increase Australia wide.

Foods recommended and approved by Australian Government " Healthy Canteens" for school children's consumption are loaded with artificial colours, preservatives, flavour enhancers, MSG and known carcinogens. These chemically made ingredients are known to cause a long list of reactions and health concerns such as; asthma, learning and behavioural issues, headache, hyperactivity, skin inflammation, stomach upset, cancer, numbness to limbs, hay fever, migraine, gastric irritation and much more.

It is time to STOP allowing these foods into school canteens and START providing children with foods that fuel their bodies for a day of education and play.

Our children's health and wellbeing is so much more important than profit and convenience. It is time for change... because our children are worth it!

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government to eliminate the use of any harmful food additives such as artificial colours, flavour enhancers, MSG, preservatives and known carcinogens within school canteens and tuckshops across Australia.

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