#Media Issues
Larry Claude, owner of MAD DOG PAC
United States of America

A recent billboard campaign has erected a sign stating, "The NRA is a terrorist organization." This is "hate speech." We are offended by this statement and demand to have it removed.

The Pledge of Allegiance was deemed "offensive" and it was removed from our classrooms.

War memorials having the symbol of the cross are considered "offensive" and being removed.

Historical flags are "offensive" and removed.

The NRA is by no means a terrorist organization and its members are not terrorists.

This billboard is offensive and must be removed.

We the undersigned, are highly offended by the billboard campaign initiated by Claude Taylor, the man responsible, and owner of MAD DOG PAC, and demand to have it stopped.

Recently, a billboard was erected in Pensacola, Fla., with the words, "The NRA is a terrorist organization."
Thirty more of these highly offensive signs are scheduled to be erected around the country.

Suggesting that the NRA and all of its members are "Terrorists," is highly offensive, extremely misleading, and should be considered, "hate speech."

All signs currently displaying this message should be removed.

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