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Highways Agency
United Kingdom

We all agree that the High Road in Leavesdon has had a lot of busy traffic and some car drivers exceed the speed limit. The council have re-surfaced the road in the past year and put in some "fake" road humps.

Car drivers slowed for a while but when they got used to the "fake" humps they started to exceed the speed limit again.

The council invited local residents to a meeting but this was over 2 years ago to discuss the road calming measures and i'm sure some views have changed since then.

No accidents have ever been reported along this stretch of road !

Rather than putting in some speed camera's on a temporary basis or some visual speed triggered signage they have disrupted the 1/4 of a mile road with several humps and two chicanes. So the 30mph speed limit is no longer obtainable along this road.

For removal of the speed humps and chicanes from "High Road" Leavesdon, and maybe replace with other tested and environmentally friendly speed reducing measures. Speed activated signs or camera's.

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