Donnie Vercher Shreveport Postal Operations Manager
United States of America

We the people of Springhill, LA do knowingly ask for the removal of Shannon Morris due to his lack of concern for the community and unwillingly working with any of the people in the Springhill community to resolve issues in the timely delivery of the mail and not working with the people to resolve problems other than telling them to call the 1-800 number.

Also the safety of the postal carriers are another issuse when there is no dog spray in the office for protection against stray animals. Mr. Morris also leaves his Post Office and
doesn't work but about one to two hours
per day or returns to the office on a
Sunday because he doesn't have to deal with Clerks or Carriers. What he is doing is trying to stay away from people because of his lack of communication skills. He has
been in this office only 10 months and has run off or made the staff so ill that they have had to seek medical Psychiatric help. He is rude to anyone he talks too and even told a lady of great standing in the community that she was a liar and turned away from her and left her standing in the
Post Office with her issue unresovled.

We petition for the removal of Shannon Morris from Springhill Post Office.

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