Native Americans and Sequioa High School Community
United States of America

We are asking that Native Americans and members of the Sequoia High School Community who find the mural depicting California Natives as "servant boys" to Father Junipero Serra offensive and a glorification of our colonialism to please sign on to the e-petition request addressed to the school board.

Our request is for removal of the mural. California Natives are depicted as subservient and docile. In the mural of missionaries and native servants journeying through Redwood City, CA there is no indication of native women, children or native life in the mural. The clothing is inaccurate of Native dress and there is no evidence this "historical event" ever took place as depicted.

Dear Sequoia Union High School District School Board and Superintendent P. Gemma:

We, the undersigned Sequoia Community consisting of students, parents, faculty, staff and alumni; the Native American Community; and concerned community members-at- large respectfully request removal of the historically inaccurate and culturally degrading mural painted on the facing wall at the front entrance of Sequoia High School.

WHEREAS, Sequoia High School is a culturally diverse institution of learning and academic excellence, any depiction of Native Americans should be historically accurate and culturally relevant. The current mural reflects the dehumanization and colonialization of Native peoples and provides no historical context for the observer to understand the enslavement and annihilation of Native peoples by the Missionaries.

BE IT RESOLVED, the existing mural should be removed.

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