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Animal control/sheriff's department
United States of America

For this past covid-19 year we have had to deal with a neglectful owner. Dogs getting out, them being chained because they were escapeing and killing chickens and they don't even eat them. One dog in particular leads these others to kill them. These dogs have killed about 100 chickens or more by now. And have caused so much mental pain and sadness. When you look at these dogs they are also trapped and some have scabs from them fighting. I want to defend my neighbors and better be welfare for are familys grievances and help get rid of these dogs in anyway possible. And far away from this owner! Animal control will not do anything as they have put off this whole area for some reason. Please sign this petition to have these dogs impounded some be put down and some go to other owners as a few are even puppies. What ever the options are we are tired of are livestock dieing. It's worth the cost!

Removal of dog ownership and impoundment from neglectful owner. Viscous dogs who attack and don't eat livestock and kill for sport.
Please sign to stop these dogs from killing ever again!

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