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People should have the right to choose whether or not to be exposed to fluoride. Unfortunately many of us were never given that choice. Today it is almost impossible to escape fluoride. It is in the fountain pop at the drive thru, at your local coffee shop, bottled and draft beer, you get the idea. At home we cook, shower and bath in it, its ridiculous!

Now the thing you might find interesting is where does the fluoride come from? The fluoride used in our drinking water is an industrial waste product from the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industry. It is an unprocessed contaminated waste with a number of toxins, particularly arsenic. This type of fluoride has never Been Tested for safety and effectiveness. However it has been very effective as rat poison and cockroach powder.

So why do we put this in our water? The answer is simple, money. But not money for us, or our community, money for the corporations. By promoting it as a some kind of dental miracle they are able to eliminate their waste and make a profit at the same time. But does it benefit our teeth? New evidence suggests that fluoridation is either unnecessary or doesn't work. Cavities have declined at similarly impressive rates throughout the entire western, industrialized world over the past half century where there was no fluoridation.

"Water fluoridation is the single largest case of scientific fraud, promoted by the government, supported by taxpayer dollars, aided and abetted by the ADA and the AMA, in the history of the planet."

- David Kennedy, DDS President International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

Some Harmful effects of fluoride include.

Diminished IQ'S, hypothyroidism, increase in hip fractures, increase in infertility, cancer, abnormal bone development, skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis.

Fluoride is not meant to be swallowed, if you look on your tooth paste it will advise you to contact poison control if accidentally swallowed. Why is it okay to drink it then? It is an accumulated poison, so while you may not see the effects right now, there is a good chance you may experience them later. The choice is clear, remove it from our water, and those who still want fluoridation are still free to do so.

Please research this topic for yourself and find your own truths. Do not take Authority as Truth, but rather Truth as the Authority!!


We, the Citizens, call on to the City of Red Deer to stop adding Fluoride to our municipal water supply.

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