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David Cassidy took the music world by storm like no one else, with his unique voice, electrifying concerts and passion for his art.
The millions of fans who saw David during that incredible and unforgettable era will know he simply offered the best experience. Today we ask that the vintage concert footage and previously unreleased songs are unearthed, digitally restored and released.
We know all those concerts were filmed in their entirety from Madison Square Garden to the Melbourne Cricket Ground along with all six shows at Wembley's Empire Pool, Manchester, White City and concerts from across the world.

Imagine what the concerts David Cassidy gave across the world would look like now remastered and released on Blu-Ray, and what if the black and white footage from To Australia With Love was given the same treatment. It would offer a magnificent snapshot of his era.

There is a hidden treasure of gems which fans would go crazy for from the concerts to the unreleased songs from the David Cassidy songbook and the Partridge Family back catalogue. Together they make up David's legacy.
The subject is debated and examined in depth by fans, celebrity fans, musicians who worked with David on The David Cassidy Connections Podcast.

Today we make this heartfelt request:
- Vintage concerts uncovered, remastered and released on Blu-Ray
- David's back catalogue of unreleased material is released in a boxset - there were so many great songs he recorded which were never released including tracks for an unseen country-rock album
- All the Partridge Family albums, along with unreleased songs are released in a boxset - we know hundreds of songs were recorded and different versions of almost every one
- A coffee table book of never before published photographs tracing David's life and career
Future generations need to understand the influence of David and why he was such a huge star. This would provide all collectors, loyal fans and anyone inspired by David Cassidy's music, to relive those wonderful days and hold onto something very, very special. David's legacy has to be preserved.
If you would like to see and hear this, please support us by signing our petition.

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