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Bergen County Board of Elections Chairwoman; Westwood Borough Clerk
United States of America

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. However, our country is not the same as it was when election voting poll locations were first assigned. The recent violence in schools, Newtown, CT for example, has changed our perception of safety & our country forever.

We no longer take our children’s safety for granted, even at school. Election day is a day which the general public in our town are allowed to come into Brookside Elementary School to cast their vote. Although voters are relatively supervised, there is always the potential of the unthinkable occurring - whether our children are present in school or not.

Relocating the voting polls out of Brookside school will aide in protecting the children from potential threat. Relocating the voting polls to another location is something that is in our control. There are other viable options. Why wouldn’t we relocate the polls if we could? There would be no harm done. School would be allowed to continue as usual. Voting would continue as usual. There would be no disruption in school days, no day off required because school is closed due to elections. Both school and voting would occur undisrupted. Relocating the voting polls out of the school would also aide in reducing traffic congestion and parking during school hours on election day.

The following location could potentially replace Brookside Elementary school for Election Voting Polls: Westwood Borough Hall. This location appears to meet guidelines of statue title 19:18-1 Elections Location. This location has served as alternate voting location as recently as last year after Hurricane Sandy disrupted voting locations across the state. Westwood Borough Hall is Handicap Accessible, has ample parking and is centrally located.

We request that you relocate the Brookside voting poll to a suitable location, other than on any school property.

We, the undersigned, call on the Bergen County Board of Elections and the Westwood Borough Clerk, to relocate the Election Voting Polls that are currently held at Brookside Elementary School, to a non school location for all elections.

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