#Residential Disputes
CRT Trustee
United States of America

At present entire CRT (131 and 151) garbage and recycling bins are being picked up from the rear of the 131 side of building. All 151 side bins being pushed out to 131 side every day. It has been very exasperating and discomforting hearing the trucks emptying the bins within close premises.

Upon completion of garage project on 151 side it is essential to ask the trustee to make the decision and to relocate the Garbage and Recycling pick up to 151 side.

There is unquestionably more maneuver space on 151 side for the trucks to turn around, there is no immediate building like the “Horizon” apartments on 131 side to reverberate the sound back to building and above all it would not cause any additional work for the building janitors.

We, the undersigned, call on the CRT trustee to relocate the building garbage and recycling pickup to rear of 151 side.

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