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Intel's Atom CE4100 chip currently powers D-Link's Boxee Box.

There are outstanding issues with this device can can only be resolved by Boxee once Intel release the updated SDK for the Intel Atom CE4100.

This has been stated numerous times by Boxee and has most recently been mentioned by Boxee CEO Avner Ronen when asked what was holding up availability of the Netlix UK app as part of a question and answer session with Boxee users that took place on 4th April 2012 which can be viewed at: http://www.spreecast.com/events/boxeechat

At 18:14 Avner's response is:

"So Netflix in the UK, newer version of flash, 3TB drive support, those are three issues that we hear a lot, those are three issues that are, can only be addressed when we move to a new SDK from Intel and that is a much longer process than we would want to and takes much more time than we would want to and resources and we still don't have a set date for it but that's what's holding it up."

It's also believed that a Netflix app for other non-US regions can only be released once Intel release the updated SDK.

At 29:22 it's also stated that the HD Audio drop out bug can also only be resolved once a new SDK from Intel is released.

"Without the new intel SDK it won't be resolved, so its going to take us time if and when that SDK will be something that we will be able to launch I think thats the only hope to solve it."

Intel discontinued support for the Atom CE4100 in October 2011. However it was also reported that "The CE4100 will continue to be sold and supported by Intel, and it will also remain - albeit more anonymously - in set top boxes."
(source: http://www.techradar.com/news/computing-components/processors/intel-ditches-smart-tv-division-1033610)

The 200,000+ users of the Boxee Box powered by this Intel chipset some of whom are part of the 2,815 active Boxee Box Forum users (as of 19th May 2012) have been waiting patiently for news from either Intel or Boxee that the new SDK has been released so Boxee can implement fixes for the issues mentioned above and this has yet to happen.

The Boxee Box is featured on Intel's website at:


Intel Smart TV facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/intelsmarttv
Twitter: @intelsmarttv

I believe Boxee users agree by not releasing the updated SDK, Intel isn't offering support for this chipset.

We, the undersigned - the users of Boxee Box - call on Intel to release the updated SDK for the Intel Atom CE4100 that Boxee requires to resolve the oustanding issues mentioned here.

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