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A recent cyber attack that points to North Korea as the culprit is attempting to coerce America and more specifically, Sony Pictures from releasing a picture satirizing the President of North Korea.

North Korea threatened retaliation if this film was to be released and they have made good on their threat. America has just had its freedoms restricted by a despot without firing a shot.

Capitulation would be a terrible precedent and will embolden the use of cyber and other threats that weaken our democracy.

We the undersigned do hereby request that Sony Pictures release as scheduled the movie "The Interview" being mindful of the threats by the cyber terrorist group and mindful of the fear for the safety of movie goers by Sony Pictures, we implore you to find a way to distribute said movie for public viewing.

Many outlets exist today that can allow the public to view this movie in the safety of their homes and still allow for commercial success, but the most important aspect of the need for the release of this movie is to stand up to the terrorists.

It doesn't take a great imagination to understand the precedent being set if we capitulate.

The American way of life, our constitutional ideals and our freedoms are at steak.

Thank you for your consideration.

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