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Andre Dahl Jensen, a political activist from Norway is currently being held within a psychiatric ward (UNN Tromso) in Tromso (Norway), on the belief that he suffers delusions, which the doctors have said only to occur when he is in Norway (the idea of regional psychosis being absurd), and on the belief that his political views are caused by mental illness. Many can vouch for his mental stability.

The people in his life know for a FACT that he is indeed a stable man who is currently being held imprisoned for very little reason. Since entering the hospital he has been told on numerous occasions by white supremacists that are being kept there that "They will get him" and other threats. The staff there are also described as malicious and cruel.

Andre himself is trying to leave for the United Kingdom, where he will be housed with friends, while looking for work.

Here is what you can do to help : (Please contact them as often as possible)

Email the hospital directly as often as you can :

post@unn.no - siren.hoven@unn.no

"doctor" responsible is HERMAN TVETE his contact info is

Office phone 0047 776 27 956


important you can contact the department of health in Oslo, the big bosses, and hold them accountable..

Deptartement of healthcare :

the minister of healthcare :


Tord Dale, Politcal advisor ofthe health minister :


Contact and information where Andre Dahl Jensen is held :

UNN Tromsø
Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge
sub-akutt nord
9038 Tromsø

We, the undersigned, wish to see political activist Andre Dahl Jensen released from forced imprisonment and allowed to travel the the U.K.

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