Walt Disney Records / Walt Disney Imagineering and George E. Wilkins
United States of America

George E. Wilkins has been composing music for Disney attractions, since the
parks opened, over 35 years ago. Mr. Wilkins continues to score for Disney
attractions, to this day. His music not only brings the attractions to life, but it
adds to the overall experience, of the ride. He, along with several other
additional or co-composers, have composed memorable music for some of the
most popular attractions at Disney Theme Parks. Of all the attractions he has
scored, Horizons, is probably his most notable, and most talked about score.

George Wilkins has composed music for the following attractions. He has
probably scored for more than what is listed below, but this is all I could find at
this juncture.


California Screamin'

The Country Bear Jamboree (Christmas Version)

The Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management

Food Rocks

Goofy About Health

The Great Movie Ride

Imagination Pavilion

Kilimanjaro Safaris

The Land Ride (Barn Theater & Queue)

The Living Seas Pavilion (Jason 1)

Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin

Sonny Eclipse

Superstar Limo

Test Track

Toontown Country Fair

This petition was started, because I am a HUGE lover of Disney Theme Park
music, as are several other people, around the globe. Its purpose is to
determine how many people would buy a CD of Disney Theme Park music by
composer George Wilkins. I hope that by starting this petition and by, you,
signing this petition, the ??? will see that there is a market for this and will, for
the sake of making money and pleasing the many Disney fans, release a CD of
Mr. Wilkins' Disney Theme Park music, some time in the near future.

Thank You for those of you who sign my petition and believe in my cause and
desperation for more Disney Theme park music and for trying to do something
to get his music released! I am just trying to do some good, for the many
Disney Theme Park music fans, around the globe who are unable to be heard.

We, the undersigned, ask for a CD release of Disney Theme Park music by
composer George E. Wilkins.

We want, need, and beg for one, some time in the near future, the sooner the better!

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