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Recently the British Board of Film Classification refused to rate the video game Manhunt 2, effectively banning the game in the UK, as without a rating it would be illegal to sell the game.

We feel that this will has a negative impact on freedom of expression and, if left standing, will continue to have a negative impact on our freedom of expression and civil liberties in the future.


BBC News coverage: Censors ban 'brutal video game

Anti video-game campaign is 'working'

This article is particularly distressing, as Ms Pakeerah's goal appears to be the complete ban of all violent games (although the article says videos) from all store shelves. If she even comes close to realising this goal, it will have a devastating impact on our freedoms of expression, speech, and choice.

We, the undersigned, protest at the BBFC's decision to deny a rating to, and therefore block the legal sale of Manhunt 2 in the UK. It is our opinion that, as an organisation acting on behalf of the government (and therefore the people), the BBFC has no right to decide what media consenting adults may choose to watch.

We ask that the BBFC grant a certificate to Manhunt 2, and that there power be diminished so they are never allowed to censor any form of artistic expression in the future.

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