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Kevin Duross has been wrongfully imprisoned for sexual allegations with his child made by his ex wife. There is no physical evidence or any truth to these allegations except her being bitter and her promise and threats to do whatever she could to keep him from his children. His incarceration has led to financial and emotional hardship for his family and children he has custody of.

Kevin is a dedicated loyal father and wonderful man. The pain and struggle for not only him but his children is taking its toll rapidly. The children need the guidance and love of the only stable parent they have ever known. Kevin has always taken his parenting responsabilities serious and treats his kids with nothing but love and respect.

Please release him during the investigation so he can maintain his home and job and reassure his children that they won't be seperated or uprooted from the only loving nurturing parent they know.

Kevin needs to be released to support his family and children during this time of need. The family is suffering hardships financially and emotionally that time will only hurt and make irreperable damage. Kevin is a good father and loves his children and would never do anything to hurt them mentally or physically, but this legal issue is tearing them apart. Please join us in supporting Kevin and his quest for freedom, and help him be reunited with his family where he belongs.

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