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We request that Jordan Knight's 'Love Songs' album, be released in Australasia. With thousand's of hits on various Australian and New Zealand unofficial Jordan Knight websites, the need and want to have this ex New Kid's album released in Australasia is great.

He was adored by millions during the phenomenal New Kids on the Block era, and his fan base from that is still strong in the Oceania areas. We believe his style and sound will be very successful in Australasia and loved by many generations.

To: Trans Continental Records, Inc.

We would like to thank you first and foremost for reading this and hopefully for acting upon it.

Jordan Knight fans in the Oceania regions of the world (Australia, New Zealand, Philippines), request the Australasian release of his album, ‘Love Songs’.

Jordan has a very strong fan base in these regions and his fans would like to be finally included to support the obvious success that “Love Songs’ will generate. We believe that Jordan Knight has an image and sound that will appeal to many age groups.

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