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This petition is asking 20th Century Fox Home Video to release the 1996 comedy DOWN PERISCOPE on DVD in all regions, or at least Region 1 & 2.

This movie is about a maverick naval officer(Kelsely Grammer) who is finally given a submarine to command, but it turns out to be a mothballed wreck--with a crew that's not much better. But if he can prove his mettle (and the ship's) in a war game environment, he can graduate to a first-class nuclear sub, but the Admiral in charge of the wargames(Bruce Dern) would go to hell before seeing him command a nuclear sub.

This underrated movie deserves to be released on DVD!!! This movie did something that seemed to me almost impossible, which is to use the "dude who leads losers to victory" buddy formula and still made it fresh and entertaining.

The film has great talented actors.
Kelsely Grammer shows in the movie he CAN be a movie actor, besides being a TV actor. This film also has the talents of Rob Schneider, Harland Williams, Rip Torn, Bruce Dern, William H. Macy, Harry Dean Stanton, Lauren Holly, and other talented actors who I didn't catch their names.

The film is really LEGITIMATE because the director and writers of the movie have done stuff like MAJOR LEAGUE and POLICE ACADEMY.

So please sign the petition.

Please sign this petition to get 20th Century Fox Home Video to release DOWN PERISCOPE on DVD in all regions or at least Region 1(U.S.A.) & Region 2(Europe).

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